What caught our eye - Mar 9, 2019

March 9, 2019

PurpleFlowers_sized.jpgWinter won't concede easily, but Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday,
and there's a rumor of spring. (Eric D. Potter)

FEVER FOR SPRING — Eight things to know about Daylight Saving Time, which starts Sunday (including that it’s not “Daylight SavingTime”)  http://bit.ly/DaylightSaving8Things  

PROUDLY TOLERANT — The most politically tolerant place in America is not a hip urban enclave with pot dispensaries, avocado toast and mandatory yoga. It’s Watertown, N.Y., according to an Atlantic Magazine article that dispels a common political and media canard about rural intolerance. Other local counties are similarly chill – except for one. http://bit.ly/TolerantWatertown

HOLY MOLE: Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, new Mexican restaurants are popping up across the North Country — Ocho Cinco Cantina in Warrensburg, Mi Rancho in, South Glens Falls, Yucatan-inspired Tatu in Saratoga Springs and Hot Tamale in Plattsburgh. 

WHAT'S HOT?: The Capital Region restaurant scene. A new vegetarian restaurant is opening in Saratoga Springs. The Wandering Dago is launching a catering business and rebranding as Rogue Hospitality. And the Business Review checks out some other great spots.

GLENS FALLS TO FLINT: Jim Siplon and Drew FitzGerald of Glens Falls have teamed up with several others including JUST founder Jaden Smith to bring clean water to the people of Flint, Mich. Together, they created the Water Box, a mobile treatment system that removes lead and other contaminants from drinking water and established a charitable organization to lead the effort. The first treatment unit was deployed at a Flint church this week. Before becoming JUST Water’s COO, Siplon founded Rethink H20, an international consulting firm helping clients find ways to reuse water.  http://bit.ly/JustWaterBox


The "Tour of the Battenkill" returns to the scenic byways of Washington County in May.

GEARING UP: Pump up those tires and get ready to ride. The annual Tour of the Battenkill is set for May 11, and draws hundreds of cyclists to race across 75 miles of scenic southern Washington County. http://bit.ly/TourByBike

JERSEY BOYS: Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade is retiring this year and celebrating by trading game-worn jerseys with peers around the NBA, many of them, like Wade, established stars. Then he surprised a 20-year-old rookie who idolized Wade as a kid — Clifton Park’s own Kevin Huerter — in a moment that soon went viral. http://bit.ly/AnIdolSwap

TOO MUCH SALT: That road salt that's still crunching under your feet? It’s excess salt that didn’t need to be applied — and when it enters freshwater bodies, it’s trouble. See what The FUND for Lake George and its municipal partners are doing to keep salt out of The Queen of American Lakes while keeping roads safe in this segment from WMHT’s statewide New York Now program (beginning at the 17-minute mark). http://bit.ly/LessSaltPlease

GIRARDNASIUMS: Arguably the best high school basketball player in New York State, Glens Falls' Joseph Girard III — JG3 for short — is drawing crowds across the state. http://bit.ly/GirardFillsGyms

MORE THAN A THEATER: Albany's Palace Performing Arts Center is known for its outstanding and diverse lineup of live entertainment. Less known are its strong and growing community partnerships and its essential role in cultural enrichment for young people. Palace Executive Director Susan Fogarty and Director of Community Development Angelique Powell talk with WAMC's Joe Donahue as part of the station's series "Falling into Place." http://bit.ly/PalaceCommunity

LEGO-SHEN: The biggest-ever Legoland amusement park is being built in New York State and will open next year in the Orange County town of Goshen. The 150-acre theme park and 250-room hotel will double the value of property in the Town of Goshen to $1.2 billion. Legoland is expected to attract 6.5 million visitors annually and create 4,000 jobs.  http://bit.ly/LegoGoshen

RETAIL ROCKS: The people who brought you Daryl's House are creating Skyloft, a new live music venue that can host 1,000 people and already has booked 25 shows in advance of its April opening at the Capital Region's largest mall. http://bit.ly/NotMuzak

DEGREE IN DRONES: The University at Albany’s College of Emergency Preparedness Homeland Security and Cybersecurity has a new drone flight test area, as well as an area where students are designing and building their own drones with 3D printers. http://bit.ly/BuildADroneFlyADrone

GLAMPING GALORE: If you love sleeping outdoors but hate the 3 a.m. hike to the outhouse, you’re a great candidate for glamping. The U.S. market for glamorous – read comfortable – camping is projected to reach $1 billion in the next five years. http://bit.ly/Glampinggalore


GONE TOO SOON: A television anchor disappears, and concerned viewers wonder what happened. Then viewers learned the tragic news in what Paul Harvey used to call “The Rest of the Story.” http://bit.ly/anchorstribute

UNCLE SAM TIPS HIS CAP: Nina Pattison enjoyed Troy, loved it, fought for it. She was a fierce liberal, elected to the Troy City Council, improbably, as a Republican. The sister of a Congressman, aunt of a Mayor, and political force in her own right, she told her children she would die in her sleep at 91 or 92 – and did. http://bit.ly/UncleSamRemembers


CNN’S NEXT ACT: AT&T, the new owner of CNN, is moving away from its core TV audience and planning to invest more heavily in its digital news operation. The Wall Street Journal broke the story.  http://bit.ly/CNNDigitalPush

BIG DEALS FOR INSTAKIDS – Pint-sized social media influencers with lots of followers on their YouTube and Instagram sites are getting lucrative endorsement deals for influencing what other kids and parents buy. http://bit.ly/KidInstaStars

WHAT WE'RE WATCHING: Here’s what our team is watching as we wait out the last of the cold winter nights:

Ozark (Netflix). Jason Bateman is great.

True Detective, Season 3, (HBO). Gritty police drama jumps across three decades each episode.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon). Her life falls apart. She falls into comedy.

Tidying with Marie Condo (Netflix). ’Tis the season to organize.

Stranger Things (Netflix). Love the ’80s nostalgia.

Mr. Robot (USA). Rami Malek before he was Freddy Mercury

The Good Place (NBC). Cast is great, story is fun, Janet is fantastic, Kristin Bell keeps it real and Ted Danson’s still working! 

Gone with the Wynns (YouTube). Vicarious travels with photographers, videographers and two cats.

You (Netflix). “You’ve Got Mail” meets “Silence of the Lambs.” No wonder Hallmark gave it up.

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