What caught our eye - 6/15/19

June 15, 2019


Blue Mountain Lake, as beautiful today as it was when Thomas Edison visited in the 1880s,
in this photo that could be a painting by Mark Bowie.

Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL: Thomas Edison did more than invent the practical, long-lasting light bulb, phonographmotion picture camera and the industrial research laboratory. He brought light to a summer Adirondack night. Welcome to our first installment of The Adirondacks You Don’t Know.

LAKE GORGEOUS: The national honors for Lake George and Lake Placid are piling up. Now, Oyster, the “hotel tell all,” puts both lakes in the top six most beautiful in America.  http://bit.ly/OysterBeautifulLkGeorge

ADVENTURERS ON BOARD: The Adventure Travel Trade Association, the leading authority in adventure vacation destinations, has members in 100 countries worldwide. This weekend, for the first time, they are gathered in Lake George, discovering the adventure travel opportunities of the southern Adirondacks. http://bit.ly/AdventureTravelTradeinAdks

BE A TWELVESTER: You’ve heard of the Adirondack 46. How about the Lake George 12? These hidden gems are worth a hike. http://bit.ly/LGTwelvester

CHANGE IN TUNE: It wasn’t that long ago that the Philadelphia Orchestra, like many big-city orchestras, it was in serious financial trouble. In 2011, it fell into bankruptcy. In 2016, there was a strike over wages. Now, a welcome change in tune … thanks to whom? http://bit.ly/PhillyOrchestra55MGift  And by the way, those Fabulous Philadelphians are due in Saratoga Springs Aug. 1.

(MEDIUM) RARE HONOR: Glens Falls institution Poopie DiManno’s Lunch is ranked among top burgers in Upstate New York. (That’s news?) Also placing: Druther’s in Albany, Baking You Crazy in Rensselaer, 20 North Broadway Tavern and Dave’s Gourmet Burgers, both in Schenectady. http://bit.ly/TopUpstateBurgers

THE DIRTY JOHN’S CENTURY: No way. New Way Lunch is 100? Yes, and the North Country will celebrate Aug. 3 at the Glens Falls Farmer’s Market. Rachael Ray may even down some dirt dogs. http://bit.ly/DirtyJohns100

TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON: And while we’re on the topic of Power Lunch spots: The Four Seasons in Manhattan is closing. It was a Mad Men hangout, opening in 1959. Esquire magazine christened it the spot for a power lunch. Deal makers, ad execs, financiers had their always tables. Only one year after its move from the Seagram building, it’s plating its last fluke tartare. http://bit.ly/4SeasonsNoMore

LARAC, the arts festival that helped spark a rebirth of Downtown Glens Falls,  is celebrating
its 48th year. Come browse and buy 10-5 Saturday and 10-4 Sunday. (Photo:

FLIPPIN’ FANTASTIC: “You’re gonna be so flippin’ burgers, Dude” is what we used to tell high school kids with a motivation deficit.  Turns out a stint on the grill might be just the thing. Thanks, McDonalds.  http://bit.ly/McDonaldsHiringSpree

INSPIRED IDEA: Educators in the Glens Falls area are putting an entirely new spin on “Signing Day.” The spotlight for athletes is turned on graduates who are signing on to work for local employers. http://bit.ly/BOCESSigningDay

TWO MILLION McTHREES: McDonald’s locations in Ontario, Canada, thought they’d give away around 700,000 orders of fries with their Toronto Raptors three-point promotion this season. Then the Raptors turned up the heat.  http://bit.ly/FriesForRaptorsFans

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Jaden Smith and Drew FitzGerald, founders of JUST Water in Glens Falls, are expanding their efforts to bring clean water to Flint, Michigan. The effort builds on a “water box” design developed by Jim Siplon, JUST COO and Founder of Rethink H20. http://bit.ly/JUSTHelpingFlint

LOCK ON HER JOB: On Upper Saranac River in the Adirondacks, there’s a lock. It needs tending. That’s where Margaret Hawthorn comes in. http://bit.ly/AdirondacksLockTender

A LOVE FOR THE AGES: He was an American soldier, she a young French girl. They fell in love in 1944 and parted soon after, he for the eastern front. On the eve of this year’s D-Day remembrance, they were finally reunited. http://bit.ly/DDayVeteransLove

LAST STOP: CHERNOBYL: Have you been watching HBO’s Chernobyl series, the story of the world’s worst nuclear disaster? It’s having a strange effect on tourism. http://bit.ly/ChernobylTourism

SPAC STEPS IT UP: Saratoga Performing Arts Center is seeking design-build bids for a project that upgrades its concession area and may include classroom space for arts education, audience development and community outreach. Live Nation Concerts begin Tuesday with Dead and Co. The Fabulous Philadelphians open their season at Saratoga Aug. 1. http://bit.ly/SPACUpgradesComing

MURALISTS NEED APPLY: Saratoga Springs’ National Museum of Racing is seeking creative geniuses to help with an original panoramic work for its Race Day Gallery. http://bit.ly/RacingMuseumMuralWanted

BATTLE OF BATAVIA: We somehow overlooked this important story the first time it bounced around the Twittersphere. To catch up: Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a fight. Seriously. Twitter blew up. Totally. Now, Batavia Downs — roughly halfway between the hometowns of Bieber (London, Ontario) and Cruise (Syracuse, NY) -- says it will host this MMA rumble. Unbelievably. http://bit.ly/BieberVCruise

SALVATION CHICKEN: We’ll get out of the way and let the author speak: “Dinner parties, and Saturday afternoons in the kitchen, and lazy breakfasts, and picnics on the heath; evenings alone with a bowl of soup, or a heavy pot of clams for one. The bright clean song of life and salt, and the smoky hum of caramel-edged onions. Soft goat's cheese and crispy pastry. A six-hour ragù simmering on the stove, a glass of wine in your hand. Moments, hours, mornings, afternoons, days. And days worth living for add up to weeks, and weeks worth living for add up to months, and so on and so on, until you've unexpectedly built yourself a life worth having: a life worth living." http://bit.ly/MidnightChickenFortheSoul


Frontier Town Campground (reborn from a deserted theme park) opens for its first season on June 28

Painted Pony Rodeo, the oldest weekly rodeo in the U.S., opens Friday, June 29th and runs every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday until Labor Day in Lake Luzerne.

Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival returns to SPAC on Saturday, June 29th and Sunday, June 30th.

HOUSTON, WE DID IT: There was a lot more to 1969 than Woodstock. Charles Fishman recounts what it took to put a man on the moon and return him safely to the Earth — 400,000 people, 20,000 companies, even Playtex. Fishman, by the way, is the author of The Big Thirst, the story of water. It runs our world. It’s in short supply. Hear him over the din of rushing water at SPAC on Sept. 12. http://bit.ly/TeamBehindTheManOnTheMoon

DAD’S ADVICE: We asked our team to share the best advice their fathers ever gave:
Mark: Your word is your bond.
John: I’ll plant your flowers, but you have to water them. (There’s no deep hidden meaning there. I just didn’t inherit his green thumb)
Bill C.: Life is a series of third downs.
Colleen: ALWAYS keep that smile.  
Bill R.: Work smarter, not harder.
Lisa: Check your tire pressure regularly.
Contributor who wishes to remain anonymous: Never pose for Playboy.


“A father carries pictures where his money used to be.”
- Steve Martin

 The makers of Reynolds Wrap are looking for a Chief Grilling Officer. Two weeks of cross-country travel and all the ribs you can eat. http://bit.ly/ReynoldsChiefGrillingOfficer

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