What caught our eye - Feb. 16, 2019

February 16, 2019

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Microbrews Success Boosting Upstate (Eric D. Potter)

EXCELSIOR NO MORE? The problem isn’t the Amazon deal. It was the New York state of mind, a reflexive hostility to business that some encourage and embrace at great cost to people who need good jobs. Not the stuff that dreams made are of.   http://bit.ly/Amazon_Gone  What about upstate? http://bit.ly/AmazonImpactOnAlbany

BREWS THAT LAUNCHED A THOUSAND SIPS: How some of the first craft beers brewed in Glens Falls, Lake Placid, Troy, Cooperstown and throughout Upstate New York shaped today’s microbrew world … and are still very much worth enjoying. http://bit.ly/CraftBrews

SUDS SO SCHENECTADY SWEET: Schenectady County is home to the nation’s first maple beer trail, a collaboration of Wolf Hollow Brewing Co. and Riverside Maple Farms which are connected by a short hiking trail. Bring skis, snowshoes and dogs. http://bit.ly/MapleBeerTrail

THANK YOU, WEGMAN’S: Rochester-based grocery chain Wegmans is ranked third in Fortune’s list of 100 Best Places to Work in America – the 16th time it has been cited. And now we know how Wegmans does it. The Wall Street Journal points out gratitude is the real product at the family-owned supermarket chain. http://bit.ly/ThanksWegmans

ON OUR RAY-DAR: New Way Lunch invented the hot dog, at least as far as Glens Falls is concerned. The iconic eatery is turning 100. Some might say it’s older than dirt. They’ve invited Rachael Ray to celebrate with them. Rachael? http://bit.ly/NewWayLunch

MOUNTAIN 911: Two skiers save the life of a friend and fellow skier at West Mountain in Queensbury. http://bit.ly/Mountain911

SCOOTERSHOCK: Electric scooter fans, beware. One popular model of the two-wheeled platforms that have inundated cities across the U.S. has a flaw that can allow someone other than the current user to take control of the scooter. http://bit.ly/ScooterShock

PANZA’S DEBUTS ON BROADWAY: Saratoga dining scene Panza’s Restaurant, serving Italian cuisine for 80 years, is moving to South Broadway in Saratoga Springs for a while, maybe longer, while awaiting approvals for an expansion of its Saratoga Lake home. http://bit.ly/PanzasOnBroadway

THE 5%: Five percent of all of the semiconductor patents issued in the United States last year came out of the Capital Region. The Center for Economic Growth keeps track: http://bit.ly/5PercentSemis

ANYBODY FOLLOWING THIS? How hard is it to have a real conversation on Twitter? The CEO found out. http://bit.ly/TwitterMaze

MORE ANDS, LESS BUTS: What business can learn from improv about running meetings that get everybody laughing … and contributing. http://bit.ly/ImprovMeetings

JUSTICE SERVED? Former Louisiana public defender Jack Talaska was once responsible for 194 felony cases at one time … and that was far from the biggest caseload. An eye-opening story presented in a compelling visual style by nytimes.com. http://bit.ly/TimeforJustice

GET OUTSIDE. Turns out mom was right – getting some fresh air will do you good, even in the winter. http://bit.ly/GoOutInThis


WE THE PROGRAMMERS: What must your kids know now to prepare them for the world. http://bit.ly/TwoCodes

JOLLY GOOD SHOW: U.S. parents say popular children’s TV series Peppa Pig is giving their kids British accents. Pity. http://bit.ly/KidsImitateArt

A COP AND A DOUGHNUT: Ronald Joyce had the recipe for success at Tim Hortons. http://bit.ly/CopsDoughnutShop

THE CONFIDENCE CEILING – Girls consistently outperform boys academically yet men still hold the vast majority of senior leadership jobs in public companies. A new look at the confidence vs. competence conundrum. http://bit.ly/GirlsConfidenceInc

HOW TO LEARN ANYTHING: Tips from Nobel-winning physicist Richard Feynman used. http://bit.ly/LearnWell

EXPLAINS THE OWNING A NEWSPAPER THING: A nod to Jeff Bezos and his appreciation for the written word and the power of narrative persuasion. http://bit.ly/TheImportanceofWriting


THE PRICE OF TRUTH: Bob Costas said professional football destroys players’ brains … television executives’ too. http://bit.ly/PriceofTruth

CRACK OF SPRING:  We’re talkin’ sunny with 100% chance of a fly ball in the air and new grass on the field.  Say, hey, the pitchers and catchers are reporting. http://bit.ly/BaseballSprings


Male American Cardinal (Eric D. Potter)

A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME: Kyler Murphy, the No. 9 pick by the Oakland Athletics in the 2018 MLB draft, was due to report to spring training last week. But the former Heisman Trophy winner has decided to forego the MLB for the NFL. Cardinals, perhaps? http://bit.ly/NewBallgame


STOLE AWAY’S HIS SOBRIQUET: A felon escapes from police and is the subject of a manhunt for nearly 20 hours.  What’s his last name again? Fleeman, says the Glens Falls Post-Star’s veteran police reporter Don Lehman. http://bit.ly/ManFlees

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