What caught our eye - Feb. 9, 2019

February 9, 2019


Adirondack Morning On the Hudson River at Riparius, Warren County, NY (Eric D. Potter)

RIGOROUS PUZZLE INTERPRETATION (RPI): A New York Times crossword answer had quite a few readers flummoxed. Presumably, Dr. Shirley Jackson wasn’t one of them. http://bit.ly/RPI_Stumper

$100 MILLION BLOCK: Hotels, a concert hall, a spa and upscale apartments are all part of a $130-million investment in a single block in Saratoga, one of the smallest and one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. The Albany Business Review’s Robin Cooper takes us for a stroll. http://bit.ly/100MillionBlock

CRAZY NICE DIGS: The Sagamore, Mirror Lake Inn, Adelphi, Lake Placid Lodge, Whiteface Lodge and Saratoga Arms make US News and World Report’s List of Best Hotels in the USA. http://bit.ly/GoodDigs

ALL FOR(BES) SARATOGA: Forbes declares Saratoga Springs the “jewel of the Hudson Valley,” with a tip of the hat to The Hyde Collection in “Glenn Falls.”  http://bit.ly/PraisingSaratoga

FallScene_SeaplaneLkPlcdWebSize.jpgLee Howick (American, 1928 – 2009).Fall scene and seaplane, Lake Placid, New York, displayed October 10 – 31, 1966. George Eastman Museum. © Eastman Kodak Company

BLAH BUSTER: Cold, dark and gray it may be outside, but not at The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls which is hosting Kodak’s “nice bright colors, greens of summers (where) all the world's a sunny day.” Paul Simon understood. http://bit.ly/HydeWithKodak

UP AND UP (AND UP): Regeneron, which manufactures its products in Rensselaer County, had more good news about its financial performance and pipeline. http://bit.ly/RegeneronUps

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND: "She Called Him Raymond," a romantic drama set during World War II and the Great Depression, and its screenplay, titled Foreverly, are making a splash among international writing competitions. Saratoga Springs author Ray O’Conor's book was selected this week as a semifinalist in the Screencraft Cinematic Book competition. Foreverly, meanwhile, has been recognized in several screenwriting and film festival competitions. A review at the Austin Film Festival noted, “This has the makings of an epic romance story.” http://bit.ly/CallHimRaymond

FOND FAREWELL: Jeff Idelson, the widely respected president of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, announced he is retiring after the 2019 induction ceremonies. He’ll be missed. http://bit.ly/HesGoingGoingGone

A TOUCH OF CLASS WITH YOUR GAS: We hold this truth to be self-evident: Luxury sells. Gas stations are noticing. http://bit.ly/ClassyGas

A GAP IN RURAL CONNECTION: Rural electrification happened because of federal action. It’s time, the authors argue, to take the same approach to rural broadband.  http://bit.ly/RuralInternet

NEXT STOP: ADIRONDACKS?: Amtrak will run to Pittsfield so that New York millennials can visit the Berkshires. http://bit.ly/MIllenialTrain 

UNHEARD: Local government leaders are reminding the Cuomo Administration and cell phone providers there are parts of the Adirondacks that are still without cell service. It’s a major public safety concern, says  Brian LaFlure, director of emergency services for Warren County, NY. Everyday cell service is not a luxury. (See page 7 of Talk of the Towns and Topics magazine) http://bit.ly/CantHearMeNow


WHAT? NO SWEETHEARTS? Valentine’s Day may need to be postponed a year. http://bit.ly/NoSweethearts

ROYAL WATCH: Queen Elizabeth marks 67 years on the throne. http://bit.ly/Queens67th Speaking of RoyalsOnly seven months 'til Downton Abbey arrives on the Big Screen.  http://bit.ly/DowntonBigScreen

GOING DOWN SWINGING: You may forget her name, but you won’t forget what Sybil Marie Hicks had to say on her way out. http://bit.ly/SheDidItHerWay

Tweet of the week http://bit.ly/MercedesTweet


$2.3 billion short: http://bit.ly/2BShort

98 million watched the Super Bowl http://bit.ly/98MWatched

20.4 million watched the State of the Union http://bit.ly/SOTUViews

$2 billion from IBM for new AI lab in Albany http://bit.ly/AI_Lab_For_Albany 

48 upstate counties ranked by economic vitality (Spoiler Alert: Saratoga is #1)  http://bit.ly/RankingUpstateEconomy

83 moose in the Adirondacks, give or take a few http://bit.ly/SpotTheMoose


NEVER INTERRUPT A RUNNER: Even if you’re a mountain lion.   http://bit.ly/RunnerVsMtnLion


Jeff Bezos (2019): "My ownership of the Washington Post is a complexifier for me. It’s unavoidable that certain powerful people who experience Washington Post news coverage will wrongly conclude I am their enemy."

Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1970): “What we need are great complexifiers, men who will not only seek to understand what it is they are about, but who will also dare to share that understanding with those for whom they act.”

James G. Watt (1992): “'Complexify' is a verb. Not a real verb. But a government verb.”
— (Thanks for clearing that up, Wall Street Journal)


EARYAY OF THE IGPAY: http://bit.ly/PigLatinYear


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