Things that caught our eye - Jan. 19, 2019

January 18, 2019

For clients and friends of Behan Communications, a smattering of news, views and things that caught our eye:

‘SNO END IN SIGHT: With storms sweeping the country, and Upstate New York facing as much, unbelievably, as 30 inches of snow, National Weather Service forecasters are on the job despite the partial federal government shut down.



THE GOLD: The Adirondack region gets a huge, welcome funding boost in Gov. Cuomo’s proposed 2019 budget: $82.5 million for Olympic Regional Development Authority facilities at Lake Placid plus funding for the emerging public-private partnership seeking to establish a biotech hub in the Adirondacks.

GIVETH, TAKETH: Gov. Cuomo is proposing to cut municipal aid to most New York communities.

AUGUST LIGHT: Glens Falls and The Queensbury Hotel will host preliminary events when the international women’s sports competition Aurora Games comes to Albany in August for the first time:

FORT FORWARD: For the first time in more than a half-century, there’s a new executive leadership team at Lake George’s oldest and largest resort, Fort William Henry Corp. Bob Flacke became president of Fort William Henry Corp. in 1958. Over a 60-year period, he led a major expansion of its hotel, conference, retail and restaurant businesses. Mr. Flacke died in November. Now, daughters Kathryn Flacke Muncil and Nancy Flacke Reuss assume leadership roles along with 35-year employee Sam Luciano. 

BLAIS STAYS: No immediate change in leadership in sight in the Village of Lake George – and that’s good news. Mayor Bob Blais says he will seek a 13th term. He’s led the village since 1971.

PRIORITY #1: For Mayor Blais: Working with Gov. Cuomo to obtain additional state funding for essential upgrades to the village’s 85-year-old sewage treatment plant. The cost is far beyond what the village can afford. The protection of the lake itself is the issue. Taxpayers statewide have a big stake: State beaches and campgrounds are nearby, not to mention the reputation of the pre-eminent environmental and tourism treasure, Lake George itself. There’s a growing tailwind of media, political and business support:  

HOMETOWN: As other communities fight the solution, not the problem, Glens Falls continues to deal admirably with the issues of homelessness and mental health.

THE PLACE TO BE: More upscale residential development is coming to Downtown Saratoga Springs.

HUGE BOOST:  Quietly announced but not to be overlooked: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals picks Capital Region construction giant BBL to build an $800-million manufacturing campus in East Greenbush, the largest development since GlobalFoundries.

GOOD WINS: Out of unspeakable tragedy comes good.

IN DEPTH: Warren County is struggling with how to share sales tax revenue with its municipalities. County Administrator Ryan Moore tames the complexity with impressive clarity:  And The Glens Falls Chronicle’s Gordon Woodworth explains:

PLACE OF HEALING: Tony Hall of The Lake George Mirror reports that Lake George will be the site of a first-in-the-nation Ronald McDonald vacation home for seriously ill children and their families.

FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS: On the same day, Gov. Cuomo unveiled his 2019 budget, fellow Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand announced her candidacy for President. Gov. Cuomo says he’s a fan of Sen. Gillibrand, who worked for him at HUD, but says former Vice President Joe Biden makes the “best case” for the Democratic nod to run against President Trump.

COLBERT NATION: Democrats in Albany used to have to seek the blessing of party boss Dan O’Connell before they announced their candidacy. Now they ask Stephen Colbert.

JUNE PRIMARY:  Just as the school season begins in July and Christmas retailing begins in October, the political season now begins in June. The state Legislature has approved moving New York’s primary election to the start of summer.  Candidates will need to circulate petitions in their winter boots.

WEEKLY READER: Tupac Shakur couldn’t beat the rap. So, he ended up – where else? — at Dannemora.

GONNETT: Hedge Fund Digital First Media is making an unsolicited bid for Gannett. Journalists who used to decry the Ganettization of local newspapers now think it’s looking pretty good.

SEE THE USA: Remember Kodak? Its advertising images celebrated the beauty of America. See the very best of them again in the new Colorama exhibition at The Hyde.

WHO’S WATCHING HIM? Prince Philip wrecks his ride and gets breathalyzed.

ONE MORE THING: CEOs, the world needs your leadership:

FACING OUT: Welcome to FACING OUT. That’s what we do. We help companies, organizations and individuals work effectively with their most important external audiences – their customers, their shareholders, their communities, the government and the news media.

Let’s make it a conversation: What did we miss?

Happy Shoveling!

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