What caught our eye - 3/30/19

March 30, 2019

Moxham Mt Sunrise_Sized.jpg

A spectacular view of the Adirondacks. In this case, from Moxham Mountain, near Minerva. What do you love most about the Adirondacks? (Eric D. Potter)

50 YEARS? AMAZIN’: 1969 saw some incredible things — the moon landing and Woodstock, for starters — but, for fans of a certain downtrodden team, nothing as amazin’ as the Mets. Enjoy this long walk down memory lane. http://bit.ly/amazin-history

GOLD ON DIAMOND:  And not to be overlooked, another 50-year celebration — congratulations, Siena baseball coach Tony Rossi, the longest-tenured baseball coach in Division I history. http://bit.ly/SienaGoldAnniversaryDiamond

WRONG WAY CORRIGAN APPROVES: A British Airways flight from London to Düsseldorf ended up in Scotland. How the humor gods missed Ireland is beyond us. http://bit.ly/ByWayOfScotland

MOTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A DIME? Nearly 80 percent of U.S. parents give some financial support to their adult children, to the tune of $500 billion a year, according to estimates by Age Wave, a consulting firm that focuses on issues related to aging. All of that parental largesse is putting retirement plans at risk. What you can do to avoid falling behind while helping adult children stay ahead. http://bit.ly/WheresMyAllowance

YOUR RIVAL, YOUR FRIEND: Sometimes helping your closest rival is the best way to improve your own performance, writes the brilliant organizational psychologist Adam Grant. http://bit.ly/FriendlyRival

SPEAKING OF FRIENDLY RIVALS: Common Roots Brewing in South Glens Falls suffered a devastating fire this week. The upstate craft brewing community jumped in to help. “We didn’t have to rally the brewers,” said Paul Leone, director of the New York State Brewers Association, whose inbox filled up immediately when word of the fire spread. “They were rallied already.” http://bit.ly/BeerBuddiesHelp

ON THE RYES: Keep your eye on Empire Rye. From the state that gave us Manhattan comes a regional whiskey style developed by local and regional distillers including High Peaks Distilling, The Albany Distilling Co., and Upstate Distilling Co. that have committed to rigorous standards. Their goal? To elevate spirits. Move over, Kentucky! http://bit.ly/RyesOfTheEmpire

Nadia_Comaneci_Montreal1976.jpgNadia Comaneci earned the first-ever perfect 10.0 on the uneven bars
at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.

A LEGACY OF PERFECTION: Nadia Comaneci was 14 when she became the first gymnast ever to score a perfect 10 in the Olympics, on her way to winning three gold medals in Montreal. She had no idea what it all meant.  http://bit.ly/NadiasPerfection

PASSINGS: Our region lost two treasures last week. C. Powell South was Chet to his friends and they were legion. He lived at least two lives in his 88 years – as movie theater projectionist, repairer of naval submarines, builder of major buildings, volunteer firefighter, youth leader, church leader and elected official. And John DeMarco who loved old books and Saratoga Springs with equal vigor, who with his wife, Janice, operated the incomparable Lyrical Ballad Bookstore since 1971, died at the age of 70.

A DEGREE OF CONVENIENCE: America’s biggest university boasts more than 135,000 students and expects to reach 300,000 by 2025. Its success has fueled a campus construction boom and been hugely disruptive to higher education. Welcome to Southern New Hampshire University, where 97 percent of students are enrolled online. http://bit.ly/ConvenientDegree

THAT’S ENOUGH FOR ME, THANKS: Coach Sal Constantino led a powerhouse boys’ basketball program at Niagara Falls High, including a trip in March to the state semifinals. He quit last week, citing public harassment. "Even when we won, the negative people would be on me about not winning by enough." http://bit.ly/HesDone

THE AGONY OF DEFEAT: Johnny Dawkins, head coach of the UCF men’s basketball team, was dealing with a locker room full of broken hearts after a last-second shot to upset Duke in the NCAA Tournament trickled off the rim. His encouragement and leadership, against a backdrop of audible sobs, should be remembered long after that shot is forgotten. http://bit.ly/ConsolingCoach

A KIND STATE OF MIND: Kind Healthy Snacks has built a durable brand reputation for corporate social responsibility, but how much is real and how much is rhetoric? http://bit.ly/HowKind

RUFF LANDINGS: The Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland, is indistinguishable from other stone gothic bridges except for one puzzling fact: Hundreds of dogs have thrown themselves off it. The New York Times digs in.  http://bit.ly/ABridgeTooFar

SAFETY IN NUMBERS: Two-factor authentication — in essence, proving you are who you say you are when logging into online accounts — is a simple way to guard your personal information that almost no one uses. It’s time to start. http://bit.ly/DoTheTwoStepFactor

EWE DON’T SAY: No, it’s not some sort of North Atlantic Easter ritual. Farm fields throughout Ireland, Scotland and Wales are streaked with colorful sheep, which makes it easy for farmers to identify which are theirs and, in mating season, where to put them. http://bit.ly/PaintedSheep


FLIGHTS OF FANTASY: How’d you do in your fantasy league, Chip? Not good. My quarterback got hurt. You? Same; I really need that thick-billed murre to come through for me. As the headline memorably puts it:  Fantasy Birding is Real, And It’s Spectacular. http://bit.ly/FantasticFantasyBirding

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