Winning the war for talent: Helping you catch rising stars

November 19, 2018

shutterstock_113034364[1].jpgCould we help you land a rock star? Or broaden your traditional field of applicants to include many future rock stars?

The war for talent is raging as never before. Organizations competing for the best people in a tight job market and industries seeking a broader field of applicants are turning to strategic communications firms like ours for help as the game has grown more competitive and the tactics more sophisticated.

Recruiting and retaining great talent always has been a core competitive strength of the best organizations. Now, it’s a first-priority discipline – the key to growth, efficiency, and in some cases, survival.

Branding and analytics, once the province of marketing and communications, are the new tools of talent acquisition for individual organizations and entire industries.

We’re helping individual companies and industries customize plans to brand their businesses and industries and sell their geographic regions.

Think organizational culture, mission, values, purpose, opportunity and lifestyle.

Think storytelling, content marketing, social media, email, mobile recruiting, SEO, events, referrals and candidate relationship management.

Think internal and external communications -- your most trusted “recruiters” are the people already on your payroll. How they think your  employee value proposition holds up in daily practice will influence the success of your recruitment efforts.

And think diversity -- of people, skills, backgrounds and competencies -- and, therefore, diversity of marketing channels as well.

The organizations winning the recruitment war are treating potential job candidates like customers to be wooed. They realize they are equally important.  

What’s happened? McKinsey and Company sees 167 million workers entering the workforce between 2015 and 2025, only barely outpacing the 166 million workers who are retiring. There’s a looming shortage of highly qualified talent. McKinsey says employers in Europe and North America may require 16 million to 18 million more college-educated workers in 2020 than are going to be available.  In a time of global consolidation, organizations are fighting to become more productive and efficient and superstars can be far more productive and innovative than their peers.  

Steve Jobs said it best: “A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.”  Hire the best, the most gifted and they will help you attract equally talented people.

If your organization needs an edge to win the war for talent, let us help you distinguish yourselves.

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