Life During COVID-19

  • Stay Home

    Stay Home

    State officials have urged everyone to stay home if possible, even directing motorists to do so via this electronic sign along the Northway. (John Bulmer - photographer)

  • Downtown Desolation

    Downtown Desolation

    An empty downtown Troy (John Bulmer - photographer)

  • Empty Shelves

    Empty Shelves

    Store shelves are bare all over the country - including at this Price Chopper in Malta, where the paper goods were wiped out not by short supply, but by nervous buyers. (Skip Dickstein - photographer)

  • Silent Schools

    Silent Schools

    The hallways are empty at schools across the state - and the nation - to try to limit the spread of COVID-19. (John Bulmer - photographer)

  • Careful Care for Patients

    Careful Care for Patients

    Hospital have taken extraordinary steps to battle COVID-19, including limiting visitors and keeping patients who think they may be infected isolated from others. (John Bulmer - photographer)

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