Inside the deadly battle against coronavirus

Over the course of three days in June and July, 2020, employees of Glens Falls Hospital in Upstate New York recounted for the first time their experience working through the coronavirus pandemic. Moms and dads put their lives on hold. Grandparents, aunts and uncles walked into the unknown to confront a virus no one had seen before. They prepared to treat untold numbers of incoming patients, raced to find and secure innovative treatments, and saved lives. This is a story of heroism in a community hospital, the first glimpse the public has had of the extraordinary steps caregivers took to help very sick patients survive and to care for the families who could not comfort loved ones in their final hours. We’re pleased to present ‘Behind the Masks,’ produced and directed by Behan Communications Vice President John Brodt with cinematographer Cameron Gallagher. 

What they’re saying about ‘Behind The Masks’

“I just watched ‘Behind The Masks’ and find myself at a loss for words to describe my reaction. This film should be viewed by everyone to offer us all a greater appreciation for those who give of themselves to care for the rest of us. What a moving, thoughtful documentary.”


“Wow, great work and tribute to our amazing hospital. Even though I’m a puddle right now, I feel fortunate to be part of this community.”


“I just finished watching the ‘Behind The Masks’ video. I am speechless. Incredible.”

“A really compelling insider’s view of what was going on during the crush of COVID cases (and beforehand)!”