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Local Owners to Revive Iconic Hotel

Local Owners to Revive Iconic Hotel

Bob Hope slept there. Robert F. Kennedy, too. Billy Joel came with adoring fans, Ronald Reagan with great fanfare. There were rooms for Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier.

And then there was Benny Goodman, Guy Lombardo, Ozzie Osborne and Bob Dylan (though not together, but what fun it might have been!)

Over the years, the Queensbury Hotel in Downtown Glens Falls, a Northern New York landmark, played gracious host to them all.  But times change, and The Queensbury, once the center of the city’s social calendar, had become a fading afterthought.

Until businessman and philanthropist Ed Moore stepped in. Moore saw an opportunity to bring new life to the classic old hotel and new optimism to the Glens Falls community.

With his acquisition, the hotel returned to local ownership for the first time in decades. Ed and his partners, son Zack Moore and Tyler Herrick, turned to Behan Communications to launch this effort to revitalize “Downtown’s Queen” and reconnect her to the regional community.

The announcement merited a full-on community celebration. The Behan team organized a community announcement and news conference in the hotel’s stately lobby and spread the word via the news media, social media and personal invitations to VIPs.  Outside, banners adorning the hotel’s exterior walls and a message on the Glens Falls Civic Center’s giant digital marquee announced a new day in hospitality.

The result: Favorable media coverage from northern New York to the nation's capitol and beyond; three days of robust TV, print, radio, and online exposure; a crowd of more than 200 people in the hotel lobby for a mid-week event; and a buzz in the community that echoes Ed Moore’s proclamation, “Downtown’s Queen is back!”

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