Real Estate and Construction

Real estate development and construction are at the heart of any community’s growth and well-being but often face obstacles from ordinary citizens, elected and appointed officials, experienced activists and NGOs. Behan helps clients find a path to success. We work with our clients’ leadership teams to obtain regulatory approvals and manage siting and development issues while developing and delivering key messages that resonate with the most important audiences. Our community relations team is adept in direct, door-to-door advocacy. Our strategic communications team assembles constituency support and works closely with political leaders and influential opinion-makers. Our media experts help position our clients for success.

Representative Clients

  • Callanan Industries
  • D.A. Collins Companies
  • Lancaster Development
  • The Michaels Group
  • Nigro Companies
  • RACER Trust
  • The Rosenblum Companies
  • TCI of New York