Media Relations — Who You
Know is Not Enough

Media relations in the digital age requires speed, brains, creativity, and timely, accurate, multi-platform messaging.

But it’s built on relationships and respect.

Behan’s team of veteran journalists has earned the respect of journalists nationwide for candor, integrity and intelligence. We understand the media’s role, needs and demands, and we work hard to position our clients to benefit.

We have excellent working relationships with national, regional and local media, but we know that a “golden Rolodex” is just a contact list if you’re unable to tell your story persuasively, compellingly and at the right volume.

Our experience crafting messages and working with media is deep. Our knowledge of how the media work — and what the media are looking for — is extensive. Our success in helping clients navigate a constantly changing media landscape to get the right results is unmatched.

It’s your message. We will help you get it across to the right audience.