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Portrait of an Adirondack Poet

June 28, 2019

In a cemetery just south of the village of Chestertown, there are 2,600 souls interred in their final resting place. This is the story of two: one a poet native to the Adirondacks, the other an artist from across the Atlantic.

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What caught our eye - 6/22/19

June 22, 2019

Happy Summer, everybody! This week we celebrate the storied mountains of Saratoga County, the most inspiring 40 acres in the art world, legal aid for pint-sized titans of lemonade, romance in the newsroom, and the hottest new art venue in Upstate New York. It’s all in What Caught Our Eye.

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A Yard Sale History Lesson

June 21, 2019

At a recent yard sale in the central Adirondacks, I was examining an assortment of old shovels, axes, and rakes when an unusual hand tool caught my eye. The weathered gray handle was about four feet long and attached at the end was a rusty spear and hook combination. Engraved in the handle were the words, “Met Life Ins. Co. Sanatorium”. I bought it for $10 thinking there might be a story behind it; and there was.

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What caught our eye - 6/15/19

June 15, 2019

Thomas Edison’s lasting gift to Blue Mountain Lake, the Fabulous Philadelphians are suddenly flush, McDonalds is serving up 10,000 jobs, local students are honored as stars of the future workforce, ciao to the Four Seasons and we remember a lot of great advice from our Dads. It’s all in This Week’s What Caught Our Eye.

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Thomas Edison and The Prospect House

June 14, 2019

Thomas Edison was not only a tourist who frequented Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks, he also made history here. In 1882, the Ohio native illuminated the Adirondack nights for hotel guests of The Prospect House - the first hotel in the world with electric lights in every guest room

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What caught our eye - 6/8/19

June 8, 2019

The most Wikipedia’ed name in your hometown, the Plumbers and Steamfitters are blowing off some steam, Hudson Falls has got game, Silver Bay’s got the gold, and local doughnuts to die for. It’s all in this week’s What Caught Our Eye.

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